Our founder Traci Yates Maga was first introduced to 100% grass-fed beef through her Amish carpenter friend who wanted to open a cheese store in Robinson Twp. After trying his products, Traci was instantly hooked. She preferred the more natural taste and was thrilled to discover the many health advantages grass-fed beef has over ordinary grain-fed beef. So her question became, “why isn’t everyone eating this?”

After doing some research, Traci discovered that our local community does not has access to grass-fed dairy, cheese and beef, and even if people have access, their selection is often limited to just ground beef. This helps explain why just 1% of the total beef consumed in the United States is 100% grass-fed. Sunny Meadow Food’s goal is to make grass-fed beef more accessible than ever before for our local community!

Our Beef is 100% Grass-Fed Black and Red Angus Hereford Crossbred from a local farm in Mercer County.