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Dairy Products | All Natural Milk & Yogurt | Sunnny Meadows in Oakdale, PA
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Our dairy products come from a variety of local farms including Hartlzer Family Farm milk and butter, Seven Stars Farm yogurt and Brunton Farm milk.

Hartlzer's offer all natural, high quality dairy products. Farming as Nature Intended. Their cows are pasture-raised. More specifically, otheir cows graze on grass that is without pesticides and herbicides in warm months, and receive pesticide-free hay and silage grown on their own farms during snowy winter months.

The Hartzler Family never uses drugs to increase milk production in the animals. Hartzler cows are naturally happy, grazing freely in grass pastures during warm months, and enjoy pesticide-free grasses, hay and silage - grown on Hartzler's own farms - during winters.

Because their cows are artificial hormone-free, so is our milk.

Can’t get any better than Seven Stars Farm Organic Yogurt with Acidophilus, Bifidus, living yogurt cultures, gluten free, unhomogenized processing and BPA free. Seven Stars Farm, a 450 acre farm, located in Pennsylvania has roughly 30 paddocks which the herd is rotated ranging from 2 to 10 acres in size. The farm practices both organic and biodynamic agriculture. The biodynamics is a way to integrate scientific understanding with a recognition of spirit in nature and basically views the farm itself as a living organism, an interconnected web of plants, soil and animals.

Our Available Products:

  Milk Bruntons 1/2 Gallon - Whole $3.50 1/2 Galllon
  Milk Bruntons 1/2 Gallon - Chocolate $5.00 1/2 Galllon
  Milk Bruntons Pint - Chocolate $1.99 Pint
  Milk Bruntons Bottle Deposit $2.00  
  Milk Rivendale Pint - Chocolate $2.49 Pint
  Milk Rivendale 1/2 Gal. - Whole $4.49  1/2 Gallon
  Milk Rivendale 1/2 Gal. - Chocolate
$4.99  1/2 Gallon
  Ice Cream Rivendale COMING SOON    
  Yogurt Seven Stars Farm Yogurt - Plain $5.50 2 lb.
  Yogurt Seven Stars Farm Yogurt - Maple $6.00 2 lb.



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Telephone: (412) 788-1600

2001 Montour Church Rd
Oakdale, Pennsylvania 15071